Add Text Fields

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Access the ReportWriter screen by selecting Membership List Reports from the Reports sub-menu.

To add page headings or any other text to your report, select [Insert] then [Text Fields]. You will see the following screen:

To add a text field, such as NAME, click <New>. Then you must decide if you would like the text to appear as a page heading (only once on the page) or as normal text (once per record).

Page heading text would look something like this:




Alan Abbott

October 5, 1987

David Bernstein

October 18, 1954

Linda George

October 2, 1970

Aaron Lewin

October 31, 1940

Normal text, on the other hand, would look more as follows:

Name: Alan Abbott
Birthday: October 5, 1987

Name: David Bernstein
Birthday: October 18, 1954

and so on. The advantage to normal text is that if you are listing home phone, work phone, fax, cell phone, etc. for members, you can differentiate which is which more easily.

Once you have clicked either Page Heading Text or Normal Text, move the mouse to the text field and begin typing your text as you would like it to appear on your report. Then click <Add>. Your text will appear on the report. You may not be able to see it right away because the Insert Text screen may be blocking your view. Continue to add text to the report and click <Exit> when you have finished. You can drag and drop your text so that it appears where you would like it on your report.