Assess by History

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The Assess by History function allows you to assess a large group in your synagogue based on what they paid the year prior. Selecting Assess by History from the Contributions/Assessments Menu brings up the following screen:

You can select to assess Head of Households or a specific sub-group of the congregation. If you select Advanced Member Query, you can input your query on the main query screen. See Build a Query for more information on how to build a query.

Enter the Fund Number, Description, and the Date (in mm/dd/yyyy format). This will be the date of the resulting assessment.

Next enter the date range that you want to base the resulting assessment on. The system will calculate how much was assessed for each member during that time period and add either a set amount or a percentage, or you can keep the amount the same. This procedure is not limited to the fiscal year. If you want to assess everyone each month based on what they were assessed the previous month, you can do so by entering a date range of only one month.

Click <Save> to process the assessments.

Click <Print Log> to print a record of the assessments.

Click <Exit> to return to the Main Menu.