Configuration - Field Options

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There are 6 Membership Fields which have "drop down" lists of choices available for data entry. These are "Membership Status", "Individual Title Code", "Family Title Code", and the User-Defined fields 12, 13, and 20 which can be used to represent whatever you like. The options available are entered in the Field Options section of Configuration. To access, select Configuration from the System sub-menu. Then click on the "Fld Options" tab to bring up the following screen:

There are three screens available listing the "drop down" options for the different fields. To move between screens, click the bottom corner of the screen where it looks like the page is beginning to turn to get to the next screen and the top right hand corner to get to the previous screen.

The screen above shows possible choices for Membership Fields 12 and 13. In this instance, Field 12 is being used as a Financial Code and Field 13 is being used for Occupation.

Each of the lists works the same way. To add an option at the end of the list, just type your selection and click <Save>. To add an option in the middle of the list, highlight the option below where you would like to insert the new option and click <Insert Option>. Then type in your option and click <Save>. To delete an option, highlight the option and click <Delete Option> and click <Save>. When you return to the Add Member Screen, you will see that the "drop down" options available for these fields have changed. However, if you are using 3, for example, to represent "flexible dues" and then delete that option, all members who had a value of "3" in that field still have that value. It's just no longer clear what a value of "3" means.