Global Update Field

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The "Global Update" program located in the "Membership" sub-menu is used to globally change the value of a given field to a new value. For example, if you use one of your user-defined membership fields to keep track of the "Grade" of members, then after school is over you may go through and change all students in grade 11 to grade 12, grade 10 to grade 11, grade 9 to grade 10, etc. You would use this program to perform these global updates to the "Grade" field.

A list of all available fields will appear. Scroll through the list of fields until you find the field titled "Grade". Click "Grade" and the following screen will appear.

There are 14 rows for each column. Enter the "Old Value" for the field that you are changing and then enter the "New Value". The system will go through the membership file searching for any member who has the "Old Value" in the field you selected and replace it with the "New Value".

For the above example to update grade levels at the end of the school year, you would fill in the table as:

New Value Old Value

11 12

10 11

9 10

8 9

7 8

and so on...

The system will go through the entire member file finding all members with "Grade" of '11' and change it to Grade 12, then find all members in Grade 10 and change it to Grade 11, and so on. You have to be careful of the order in which the updates are to be performed. For example, consider the results if you had entered each of these updates in the reverse order, updating Grades K to 1, then Grades 1 to 2, Grades 2 to 3, and so on would result in the immediate promotion of all Grades (K through 11) to the senior class!

When you are finished entering the old and new values, click the <Okay> button and the updates will be made. If you change your mind and don't want to initiate the changes, then click the <Exit> button and you'll return to the main menu without making any changes.