Member Notes

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Member Notes are password protected notes that you can enter on any member can review later. Selecting Member Notes under the Membership sub-menu brings up the following screen:

You can add a note for a specific member or review notes you have previously written on this screen. When you add a note, click <New>. You will need to give the note a subject so that you will know which note goes with your password when you try to open it. Next, type in the note. Click <Save> when you have finished.

To browse a previously created note, click <Browse>. The following screen will appear:

You can limit the notes to browse by limited the search to your own notes, the date of the note, the family and member code, the subject, or even a key word in the note. When you have your search criteria complete, click <Refresh> to see a list of note subjects. Highlight the note you would like to view and click <Okay>. You will return to the first screen and can enter the password corresponding to the note to view the note.

While on a member's screen, you can add or browse notes by clicking the <Notes> button on the top of the screen. This brings up the same screen as selecting Member Notes. All of the features work the same way.