Create/Open Report

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Access the ReportWriter screen by selecting Membership List Reports from the Reports sub-menu.

To create a new report, select [File] then [New Layout]. You may then Add Data Fields, Add Text Fields, Build a Report Query, Save your Report, and Process your Report.

Data fields the membership fields that will be included on the report for each member. Text fields are text that you type onto the report - they can be page headings or appear once per record. The query allows you to select which members will be included on the report. When you save your report, it will be stored in your Temple95 folder. You can process your report so that it goes to the printer, to the screen, to a file, or to an Access database.

To open a previously created layout, select [File] then [Open Layout]. You will then see all files with the extension of .rep currently stored in that folder. Double-click on one of the files to open it. The data fields and text fields will appear on your screen and you can delete or add these as necessary.