Save a Report

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Access the ReportWriter screen by selecting Membership List Reports from the Reports sub-menu.

Once your layout has been created, save your report by selecting [File] then [Save Layout]. You will be prompted to give the report layout a name ending in .rep, such as Bday10.rep. Your report will be saved in the Temple95 directory.

Let's say that Bday10.rep is a report with a query selecting October birthdays. The next time we open Bday10.rep, the same query will be a part of the report. If we want to keep Bday10.rep and save a new report, Bday11.rep with a different query, select [File] then [Save as...] and give the report the new name, such as Bday11.rep. At this point, you can make changes to Bday11.rep and then select [File] then [Save Layout] to save Bday11.rep with the new changes.