Sort a Report

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Access the ReportWriter screen by selecting Membership List Reports from the Reports sub-menu.

To sort by a particular field, such as "Last Name" or "Zip Code", that field must be inserted onto the report layout. See Add Data Fields. There are three levels of sort available. Let's say you want to print labels sorted by zip code and within each zip code they would be sorted by last name. The "Zip Code" field would be your primary sort. To do this, right click on the "Zip Code" field to see the screen below:

Place a checkmark in the box beside "Primary Sort" to make this field your primary sort. Next right-click the "Last Name" field. You will see that the words primary sort are grayed out and you can't click that option for this field. The system will not allow you to designate two fields as the primary sort. Click the Secondary Sort option to make "Last Name" the secondary sort field.

Suppress a field on the report:

Often you wish to sort a field but do not want that field to show up on the report. In the example above, you might be using the field "Salutation + First Name + Last Name" to print the title and name of the member so that you don't need the "Last Name" to appear on the report again. In this case, click the last five boxes on the screen above to suppress the field so that it won't print on the report. So for the "Last Name" field, the following boxes will be marked: Secondary Sort, Suppress for Primary Member, Suppress for Spouse, Suppress for Children, Suppress Duplicates, Suppress in Details.