Add Receipt - Automatic Fund Allocation

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The "Add Receipt - Automatic Fund Allocation" program allows you to enter contributions for members where you want the system to decide which fund the contributions are allocated to first. The system uses the "Fund priorities" table created in the Configuration program to determine how it will allocate the receipt entered. When you select this option the following screen will appear.

A dialog box will appear in the middle of the screen after you select this program. The dialog box will have a prompt asking you if you want to print receipts. If you do, click the box and click OK. Leave it blank and click OK if you do not want to print receipts with each contribution entered.

Enter The Family Code and press <ENTER>. Next enter the "Member Code" and press <ENTER>. If you are not sure what the Family Code and Member Code is, then click the down arrow to the right of the "Family Code" field and a list of Members will appear displaying Family Code, Member Code, and Member Name. Select the Member that you want, and the Member Code will be filled in automatically for you. The "Name" caption will contain the name of the Member whose code you've entered.

Enter the date that the contribution was paid and press <ENTER>. If you are using US date format, then the date should be entered in MM/DD/YY format. Otherwise, enter the date in Canadian format, YY/MM/DD.

Enter the dollar amount of the contribution and press <ENTER>.

Enter the check number if applicable. Otherwise, leave the field blank and press <ENTER>.

Enter the deductible amount for the contribution and press <ENTER>.

To save the receipt, click on the <SAVE> button. The screen will be cleared When you are finished entering contributions click the <Exit> button to return to the main menu.

Note there is a list at the bottom of the screen that will contain assessments, contributions, amount owed, and future assessments by fund number for this member. After you save a receipt you should be able to see which funds the contribution was allocated to. (See Fund Priorities for an explanation of how the system decides which funds to allocate the Contribution to).

There is a <Member Info> button at the bottom of the screen. If you wish to view the membership information for a member click this button and the "Membership" screen will be displayed. You'll notice from the caption bar at the top of the "Membership" screen that your in update mode. If you do not have authority to update membership information, then you will be in browse mode. If you don't have authority to browse membership information then you will not be allowed to see the membership screen at all and clicking the <Display Membership Info> button will have no effect.