Add Yahrzeit Record

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The "Add Yahrzeit" program is used to add new Deceased records to the Yahrzeit file. When you select this program the following screen will appear on the screen.

Enter the English and Hebrew Name of the Deceased Person. Separate the first and last name of the English Name by a forward slash (/).

You may key each record on English or Hebrew date. If you enter an "E" after Use E/H date for key, your date of observance will be computed based on the English Date of Death. If you enter an "H" here, the date of observance will be computed based on the Hebrew Date of Death.

Next, enter the English or Hebrew Date respectively. If you enter the complete date (Month, Day, and year) in either English or Hebrew Date, the system will compute the other date for you. If you click the down arrow to the right of either of the month fields, a list will appear showing which month # corresponds to which month. For US Dates the months run from "01" for January to "12" for December. Hebrew Dates in the TempleTracker System run from "01" for Tishri to "13" for Elul.

You will then move to the Plaque and Cemetery fields and the six user defined fields for Yahrzeit Records. These user-defined fields can be set up in the Configuration Screens.

You may enter up to 10 notifyees for the deceased member. For the 'OnFile' flag enter "Y" if this notifyee is a member or enter "N" if they are not a member and press <ENTER> to move to the "Code" field. If the notifyee is a member enter their Family Code + their Member Code. If the notifyee is not a member create a 7 character Non-member code for the notifyee. After entering the code press <ENTER> and the member or non-member name and address will be displayed for you so that you may verify that you entered the correct code. If the non-member is not on file in the "Non-Member Notifyee" file, then the system will ask you if you wish to add the non-member to the file. If you respond yes, then the "Non-Member Notifyee" screen will be displayed so that you can add the member. If you respond no, then the code will be blanked and you will have to enter a new code. Enter the relationship of the deceased to the notifyee. For example, if you type "uncle", you would set up the merge letter to read "the death of your uncle...".