Change Fund Number

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The Change Fund Number program is used to move transactions posted to one fund to a different fund. One of the most common uses of this program is during end of year processing to change "Current Dues" to "Prior Dues." To do this, you would select the "Change Fund Number" program from the "Contributions/Assessments" sub-menu and the following screen will appear:

Type the old fund number or select it from the drop down menu. In the example sited above, that would be the fund number for "Current Dues." Next enter the fund number of the fund which will receive all of these transactions. In the example above, the new fund number is the fund number corresponding to "Prior Dues." Next enter the Description for the new Fund Number. For example, enter "98/99 Dues" to show the correct fiscal year of these transactions.

Then enter the beginning and ending date for the range of dates which will be affected by this change. For example, you might enter a beginning date of 19980701 and an ending date of 19990630 to change the transactions in the 98/99 fiscal year. If you want to change all transactions in a particular fund regardless of dates, leave both date fields blank.

If you want to change transactions for all members, click OK. Usually, you would not want to limit the process to a sub-group of members. However, if you need to set limits beyond date and fund number, click Edit Member Selection Query to select the members this procedure will affect. See Build a Query for more information on how to build a query.

When you've finished filling in the screen click <Okay> to begin initiating the changes. Click the <Exit> button to return to the Main Menu.