Head of Household Deceased

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When the Head of the Household dies, you may want to make the spouse the head of household and transfer any financials and Yahrzeit notifications to her. The original head of household will be deleted from the system when you use this option.

When you select "Head HouseHold Deceased" from the Membership sub-menu the following screen will appear.

Simply select the Head of Household who is deceased from a drop-down list and click the <Process> button. The head of household will be deleted and the spouse will become the new head of household. The marital Status of the Spouse will be changed from 'M' (Married) to 'W' (widowed). Her family title code will be reset to her individual title code. This program assumes that there is a spouse. If there is no spouse, then you'll be warned that the deceased doesn't have a spouse and will not be allowed to continue.

The Yahrzeit notifications will be displayed on the screen as shown below.

You'll have the option to delete the notification or transfer the notification to the spouse (the new head of household). If you choose to transfer the notification then you'll be prompted to enter the relationship and the new salutation to be used in the notification. See below:

Since the Yahrzeit record was for the now deceased's father, the relationship has been changed to father-in-law.