Download Reportster demo

Both a working demo and a talking tutorial are available for the Reportster Application.
The demo is an application developed with the VB form wizard and Reportster using only five lines of code. The demo runs on Windows platforms. Follow the instructions below to download and run the demo. Please Note that the "demo" is the sample application created in the tutorial called Project 1. The demo does not include the source code that makes up Reportster, so you will not be able to experience all of the processes described in the tutorial.
You can, however, observe the setup routines used by Reportster, by doing the following:
  • Use ACCESS to open sample.mdb, and remove tables labeled: Report - Index, Report - Labels, and Report - Relation.
  • Then, when you fire up the demo project, Reportster will detect the lack of these tables, and take you through the setup process, asking questions about each field.
Download Working demo
  • Download the demo by clicking
  • Extract the files to a desired directory.
  • Run Setup.exe to begin the demo.
  • Be sure to read the Readme.txt file before you begin.
The Talking Tutorial is a 20 minute computer "movie" created to show end-users how to build reports with Reportster once it has been incorporated into a program. Viewing it wil give you an opportunity to see what options the user has with a program which incorporates Reportster.


Download Reportster Talking Tutorial (9 megabytes):

  • Click on
  • Save the files to a desired directory and extract using WinZip.
  • Run scplaynt.exe .
  • Click the box in the left hand corner and select File-Open.
  • Locate M15Custom.scm in the directory and double-click.
  • Click the green arrow to play.
Reportster has been unbundled...
The standard Reportster package, which includes a moderate amount of programmer support, costs $750.00. However, our experience over the last year has shown that very little support is required, so we now offer an unbundled version as follows:

a) Reportster Package $140.00 + $5.00 S&H includes source code, manual and tutorial.

b) Reportster phone support $90.00 per call

Call 828-697-9080 to order - MC/VISA accepted.

Or click here for order form.