FCC Harbourmaster

FCC Harbourmaster has been in use in marinas like yours since 1982. It easily organizes and retrieves your essential information; such as availabilities, prices, current balances, and 30/60/90 past due balances. Harbourmaster is available for all versions of Windows and interfaces with the FCC Accounting Package.
  • Keeps five to ten years of transactions history on file which you can display by customer name or slip number.
  • Prints monthly statements automatically adding electrical charges (fixed or metered) and fixed charges such as water hookup .
  • Slip rent is automatically calculated monthly, quarterly, or annually and added to the statement.
  • Includes a ReportWriter so that you can design your own reports.
  • Includes a graphic layout of your marina. Click a slip, and bring up its info.
Companion Programs include
  • FCC Accounting System - Prints monthly, quarterly, and yearly balance sheets and income statements through FCC General Ledger. Prints checks to vendors and 1099 forms and keeps 13 months history on-line through FCC Accounts Payable. Calculates withholding, prints checks, W2s, and information for Form 941 through FCC Payroll.