TempleTracker is a completely integrated synagogue management system in use since 1983. TempleTracker for Windows is available for all Windows platforms and has been in use since 1995. TempleTracker features include Membership Management, Accounts Receivable, Yahrzeits, and a ReportWriter which allows you to build custom reports. It interfaces with the FCC Accounting package. Sometimes referred to as Temple Tracker
  • Organizes and retrieves essential demographic and financial information.
  • Bills members individually and/or globally for any financial category.
  • Prints member statements on demand or prints for members with balances due.
  • Prints Tax Statements on a calendar year basis.
  • Prints Aging Reports and Transaction Journals.
  • Uses Reportster, our own reportwriter. You don't have to use a complicated third party reportwriter.
  • Allows you to design your own reports and labels. The Custom ReportWriter allows you to print information on any sub-group of members. You can change font size, style, and color of both text and data.
  • Displays a member's picture if it is on file.
  • Built-in school module.
  • Allows you to create files to merge with your word processor to create individualized mailings.
  • Generates Yahrzeit notifications based on Hebrew or civil date of death.
  • Automatically prints letters to donors and to honorees acknowledging contributions.
  • SQL Server version is available for large synagogues.
Companion Programs include:
  • FCC Accounting - Prints balance sheets and income statements through FCC General Ledger; prints checks and 1099 forms through FCC Accounts Payable; prints checks, W2s, and information for form 941 through FCC Payroll.
  • TicketTracker - Ticket Sales Manager
  • CemeteryTracker - Manages Cemetery Plots