Custom Label

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For most label printing jobs, the Mailing Labels and Rolodex Cards option under the Reports sub-menu is sufficient. However, when you need to add text to a label or use two different levels of sorting (such as sorting first by zip code then by last name within the zip code sort), you must create a custom label.

To begin, select Membership List Reports from the Reports sub-menu.

Next add data fields by selecting [Insert] [Data Fields]. Click on the plus sign next to Membership Information to see the available query fields. Click the following fields so that they appear on your graphical display: "Salutation + Family Title Code + First Name + Last Name", "Primary Address Line 1", "Primary Address Line 2", "Primary Address City", "Primary Address State", "Primary Address Zip Code", and "Last Name". Arrange these as you would like them to look on a label - "Last Name" will be used as a sort and suppressed so it's not important where you place it. See the screen below:

Next, right click on the "Last Name" field and click the following options: Primary Sort, Suppress for Primary Member, Suppress for Spouse, and Suppress for Children. This will result in an alphabetical sort but the last name will not be printed twice on the label (it is already included in the "Salutation + Family Title Code + First Name + Last Name" field.

Next, to print to labels, select [Edit] then [Report Options] and click the Label Type tab. Select the appropriate label type. When you click <Done>, your screen will be reduced in size so that you can more accurately see how much space you have for each label.

To print for Heads of Household only, select [Edit] [Record Query] and click the plus sign next to Membership Information. Click on the "Member Code" field so that it appears in the Query Field box. Set the Operation equal to "=" and for the Value, type in "A". Select "AND" for the Join and click <Add> to display the line of query on the right-hand side of the screen. Click <Done> to return to the main ReportWriter screen. See Report Query or Build a Query for more information about queries.

You can add text to a custom label just as you would with any custom report. For a label, you would add Normal Text. See Add Text Fields for more information about adding text fields.