Delete a Member

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To Delete an existing member from the file select the "Delete Member" option from the "Member" sub-menu and the "Membership" screen will appear.

Enter the Family and Member Code of the Member that you wish to delete if you know the code. If you do not know the members Family and Member Code, use the <Search> button and enter the member's name. You may use the wild card * if you are unsure of the spelling. For example, to find David Bernstein, you can type "Bern*" and click OK. The system then locates all members with "Bern" in their names and you can use the <Prev> and <Next> buttons to scroll through them. After performing a search you can only browse the members that match the Search. To cancel this search and return to browsing all members, click the <Cancel Search> button.

Once you find the member click on the <Delete> button to delete the member. The system will ask you if you are sure you want to delete this member. Respond yes and the member will be deleted.

If there are transactions on file for the Member than you must have authority to delete financial Information (See User Accounts, Restrictions). If you do not have authority to delete financial transactions, the system will warn you that you do not have "Authority to delete this members Financial Information" and you will not be allowed to delete the member. If you do have authority to delete financial information, then the system will ask you if you want to delete the Member despite the fact that the member has transactions on file.