Global Assessments

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The "Global Assessments" Program is used if you want to assess a subset of your congregation all at one time. Selecting Global Assessments from the Contributions/Assessments Menu brings up the following screen:

To select the members you wish to assess, click on the <Edit Member Selection Query> button to bring up the query screen:

Before completing this section, you must decide which members you are trying to assess. Then you must determine how those particular members are differentiated in the database (when the data entry is done). For example, if you want to assess all heads of household then you want everyone with a Member Code of A. Open the Membership folder by clicking on the plus sign to the left of the folder and highlight Member Code so that it appears in the Query Field box. For Operation, select = from the drop-down list. For Value, type in an "A". Use AND for the Join (because there is only one line of query). Click <Add> so that the line of query moves to the right hand side of the screen. When you have finished, click <Save> to save the query. This query designates all heads of household or all members who have a "Member Code = A."

Another field you might want to use for this query would be a "Dues Code" field if one had been set up in the Configuration. You may have different dues codes listed in the file such as 1 for Single Dues, 2 for Family Dues, 3 for Senior Dues, etc. If that is the case, open the Membership folder (or the Participation or Checklist folders if that is where the user-defined field you are using for Dues Code is) and highlight it so that it moves to the Query Field box. Select = as the Operation and then select the Value for the subset of members you wish to assess. If you plan to assess Single Dues first, type a "1" here. Click <Add> then <Save> to return to the Global Assessment screen.

Once you have your query typed in, type the fund number or select it from the drop-down list. Enter the date in mm/dd/yy format and hit <Enter>. Type in the amount with no dollar sign. The description will be automatically fill in for you but you may overwrite it if you would like. Click <Assess> transaction will be processed for each member who meets the criteria specified in the query. Click <Exit> to return to the main menu.

Click the <Membership> button if you wish to view the Membership Screens. You will have to search for a member using the <Search> button because the system will not know which member you wish to view, unlike Multiple Assessments when you are only working with one member.