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system demo

Test drive the Web Based Berthing Application System:

This feature allows users of the port to request a berth using a standard internet connection. We have installed the system and some test data on one of our internet sites, so you can test it yourself by clicking here.

Two movies are available for the Marine Operations System.

The first movie is a demonstration of an automatic search of the Lloyd's Register database for vessel information ( The information can then be saved into your system with one click.

Download movie (4.1 megabytes):
The second Talking Tutorial is one of fifteen "computer movies" used for training purposes. This movie demonstrates the use of the Custom Report Writer in the Marine Operations System. All fifteen training movies are available on the working demo on CD. (To receive a free copy of this demo, call 1 800 845-7594) or email

Download Talking Tutorial (9 megabytes):
  • Click on
  • Save the file to a desired directory and extract using WinZip.
  • Run scplayer.exe or scplaynt.exe (for Windows NT).
  • Click the box in the left hand corner and select File-Open.
  • Locate M15Custom.scm in the directory and double-click.
  • Click the green arrow to play.
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