FCC Marine Operations system

The FCC Marine Operations System is a custom designed system for Ports which handles the scheduling of vessels, barges and passenger ships. It tracks the vessels from application through billing. It improves accuracy, saves time and money, as well as eases the training requirements for new staff.
  • Tracks vessels and barges...from application through billing.
  • Computes charges for dockage, wharfage, storage, utility usage, demurrage, and all miscellaneous charges for vessels docked at the port.
  • One-step billing - click "Create Bill" to generate invoice based on rate configuration and charges entered for a vessel.
  • Includes 72 standard reports and graphs: Daily Ship Information, Monthly Vessel Information, Passenger Statistics, Tonnage Statistics, Vessel Trip Statistics, Revenue Statistics, Five and Ten Year Revenue Analyses based on fiscal or calendar years, etc.
  • Includes a custom ReportWriter so you can develop your own reports in addition to the standard reports.
  • Downloads vessel data directly from Lloyd's Sea-web.
  • Maintains schedule of shipping activities, rentals, and other port events in a calendar view.
  • Automated merging for permit notices.
  • Can be customized to interface with your Accounting System or FCC Accounting System.
  • View screens from the Marine Operations System.
  • Download and view Marine Operations System training movie.
  • View checklist of current features, print and send to FCC to inform us of your software requirements.
What our customers are saying about FCC Marine Operations System:
"I have been using the previous version of this billing program since 1996 and thought it was all I would ever need. When I saw this new program with all the enhancements, I was very excited about it. It meets all of my billing needs using an easier "point & click" method and now colllects data in any way I can imagine (and some I never thought of),
giving me the capability of adding new dimensions to my reporting needs. On top of this, customer service has always been top notch. What more could I ask for?"

Linda - Port of New York/New Jersey