Port Software Features Checklist

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Berthing Applications and Scheduling

Tracking and billing of mooring/ship permits for leisure and commercial fishing vessels

Advanced Scheduling for passenger vessels

Charges and Tariffs Calculated and Billed by System

Calculation of Wharfage & Dockage

Calculation of Storage Charges (demurrage, wharf storage, space occupancy)

Utilities (bunkers, fresh water, food stores, electricity)

Truck Scale Fees

Passenger (embark, disembark, in transit)

Damages (also track cost recoverable damages)

Equipment Usage

Line Handling

Other Miscellaneous Charges




Mapping System

Maps of Berths – Show Vessels In Port, To Arrive/Set Sail (in real-time)

Maps of Storage – Show Availability and Contents of Each Facility

Rental/Lease Property – Show Availability of Each Property


Daily Activities Report – Show Docked, Sailed, and In Port.

Statistical Reports – Monthly, Yearly, and 5 – 10 Year Analysis

Lists of All Types of Data Maintained by the System (customers, vessels, etc.)

Graphs and Charts of Statistics, monthly, annual, last year, etc.

Data Maintained by the System



Cargo Categories (such as Army Corps of Engineering commodities)



Origin/Destination of Cargo


Ports of Call

Types of Storage Conditions (dry, chilled, frozen, normal)

Types of Bunkers

Types of Cargo Packaging (container sizes, bags, pallets, etc.)

Types of Customers (stevedores, agents, lines, etc.)

Types of Vessels (passenger, cargo, barge) and the Classes (tanker, RORO, bulk carrier, refer cargo, etc.)





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